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There is no love​

more sincere

than the love of food.

Our offer.


Paniers Gourmands.

Do you plan to catch up with colleagues, family or friends? Or looking for the perfect gourmet business gift? We deliver delicious artisan products (food & drinks) to your doorstep for all occasions! Check out our webshop for your next apero, barbecue or garden party.


Catering Services.

Fancy a savoury lunch, or a nutritious and delicious juice to perk you up after a busy weekend? Perhaps a more interesting beverage after a long day at work… with finger food you've never tried before? Shake Eat prepares authentic and tasty treats and refreshments for your private and professional events.



Trash-cooking, root-to-stalk cooking, trash-mixology. Don't those terms sound familiar to you? Incorporate "0-waste" and circular philosophies into your daily life, develop your ancestral conservation skills, and change the way you shop, cook and think about food and nutrition by participating in our workshops.

We know that developing new habits is no small task and we are fully committed to adapting each workshop to the participants' lifestyle.


Charity projects.

We are also involved in charities that allow us not to throw away our surplus production. We are working with associations to ensure that these foodstuffs are reused and redistributed. Eager to co-create a meaningful project? Let's do it together!

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