Meet our team.

Shake Eat is an organization managed by a team of young urban entrepreneurs,
passionate about sustainable practices in the food and drink industry. Shake Eat aims to fight food waste and disposable material in the HORECA sector and the event industry.

Shake Eat can rely on the support of:

Aurélie, a business graduate with a major in sustainable development. She has built her professional experience in procurement strategies, sustainable mixology and veggie cuisine. She is responsible for our strategy, the team coordination and our relationship with our  customers.

Bons Plaisirs, a main sustainable agro-food transformation plant that supplies processed products while spotlighting bioethical, fairtrade and local values. They are located in Greenbizz eco-efficient facilities, in Brussels. 


Hub.Brussels, a business facilitator who has the ambition of making Brussels the most attractive European territory for entrepreneurship and business development. They can rely on more than 300 dedicated and passioned collaborators who will contribute to this wonderful purpose.


Internships, mainly students who bring their input with their respective skills learned on-field and at school. Shake Eat attaches great importance to giving opportunities to young and motivated people to develop themselves in their own professional path.  

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