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Why working with us ?

Sustainable products.

We select preferably organic local and seasonal ingredients. When we include exotic products in our menu, we look for qualitative Fairtrade alternatives.

Ecological footprints.

We partner with innovative logistic solutions that deliver your orders in a sustainable way. By doing so, we guarantee that our solutions stay environmentally-friendly on their travels


We are a human-sized organization and we deliver ready-to-eat & ready-to-drink products, tailored to your specific preferences and diet  into account.

Boozeless, Gluten-Free and Vegan options are available too.

Homemade with passion.

The majority of our products are processed in our own workshop, however sometimes we may exceptionally propose products made by other sustainable food entrepreneurs who share our values.

Support the producers

We bring additional value to local producers and stores by purchasing their food surplus. Meaning we support our network of providers by generating extra revenue and creating other sales channels.

Zero waste.

We believe in the principles of circular and functional economy and have integrated them in our core business and at each step of our value chain.

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